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Eric Speaking

2014 Speaking Presentations

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Fresh, new ideas and solutions are the lifeblood of a company and community … identifying the ones that work and are best suited to your mission and vision; adopting proven best practices; adapting to change; and innovatively addressing the needs of your customers are all things that will make your company and communities more continually successful and better able to compete and win both rentals and renewals in today’s dynamic marketplace.  Unfortunately, many companies don’t place a high enough value on creativity and the edge that it represents, favoring instead to stick close to what they’ve always done, believing that what’s always worked before will continue to work in perpetuity.  If that sounds too familiar to you, this is the one session at Brainstorming that you can’t afford to miss!  Join us for this session as experienced Brainstorming Thought Leaders share how to shake things up successfully and make yours a Corporate Culture of Creativity!

  • Date: Thursday, October 23rd
  • Time: 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
  • Room: San Geronimo C
  • Level: Advanced

Presented by:

Lesley Brice, President, MC Residential Communities. She serves as Immediate Past Chair of the board’s Executive Committee. As a leader in the Multi-housing industry, Lesley believes in the value of education and provides challenging opportunities to her employees. Lesley is a passionate educator and was fortunate to be part of the inaugural Rich Woman forum in 2010 and has spoken at several Rich Dad Poor Dad series educational events. She has also served as a delegate to the National Apartment Association (NAA).

Eric Brown, VP Marketing, MC Residential Communities. Long recognized by the multifamily industry as a vanguard of cutting edge social media marketing, Eric Brown is leading the digital branding and social marketing efforts for a content marketing model, built around social media, specifically aimed at enhancing the residents experience and Breaking From the Pack of Apartment Commodity for MC Residential 6,500 apartment unit portfolio.  Brown also worked closely with the executive group at Apartment Finder for the launch of Digital Sherpa and Community Sherpa, a suite of turnkey social media marketing services and features


Imagine Trends







NSAA’s annual Market Trends event is a convenient way to keep up with industry
trends and gain local industry insight. Market Trends takes place each February and brings
some of the industry’s top leaders, political figures and special guests. Each year has brought
you a relative theme, based on economic conditions and local or national trends. The 2014
theme is “Imagine”. The Market Trends has an amazing lineup and you will be very
disappointed if you miss this year’s event.

Speakers include:

  • Chris Mott, MOTTIVATION
  • Kim Schaefer, DOWNTOWN PROJECT
  • Spencer Ballif, CBRE

Social Media Summit



A One-of-a-Kind Conference for Managers and Executives Focused on the ROI of Social Media and Content Marketing in Retaining and Attracting New Residents

Social Media Marketing Crash Course for Apartment Managers
This will be a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a highly interactive and comprehensive workshop featuring case studies, hands-on participation, and one-on-one consultations which focus on how social media can drive new resident leads and increase retention immediately.


  • Eric Brown, President, Urbane Apartments
  • Adam Japko, President, DigitalSherpa
  • Chris Vaughn, Director of Marketing, DigitalSherpa